K I N D  W O R D S



Before I didn't have a period, I would only eat foods I considered "healthy", restrictive thoughts, thinking about food all the time, bad body image even though I was quite thin. I felt very uncomfortable in my own skin and I did not feel complete.

Since working with Tash for 2 months I have a period, am more neutral about my body. I do not care as much what other people think about my body as long as I am healthy. I feel so much more in tune with my body now and accept the size my body naturally wants to be in (having a period).

Tash is such a lovely person, I finally felt understood. You were always there when I needed encouragement and a push to keep going, answering my messages very quickly.

Also I was able to open up to you about things I usually wouldn't talk about and I felt comfortable the whole time.

You gave really good advice and always explained everything why I should do all those things which is helpful.


One of the biggest changes I've noticed is that I'm developing patience with the whole process- you really helped me realise that I'm on the right path and the encouragement each step along the way really helped!

You helped me realise I did have some food habits/restrictions that I didn't even realise until you helped me really think and dig a bit deeper.

I found it uncomfortable to dig deeper at times and open up but you made it feel safe and without doing so I wouldn't have learnt so much about myself!


Natasha is a great listener and helped me process and let out my emotions towards my issues, it gave me structure to keep up the self care and make them habits, which I would have struggled doing myself. Its nice to have someone hold you accountable, check up on me in-between sessions, and keep me motivated and at ease that I had someone to report back to


I felt at ease as soon as I met you and you were so easy to talk to from our first meeting!

You're such a good listener and because of this you heped me think a lot more about things and open up.

I knew that you were always there to have a quick chat if I sent any message and you were always there to encourage me whilst completing the food diary - you've definately helped me stick to some good habits and a new love for peanut butter!

Your breathwork  and meditations were an added bonus - and I always looked forward to these!


Tasha was really friendly and helpful, she made me feel comfortable talking about things that might be hard to talk about, for example heavy periods and eating problems like binge eating.  She always gave really good advice with scientific reasons to support them and talked about her own experiences that related to mine which made me feel comfortable talking about mine and felt like I was understood, which was really nice.


Tasha is really friendly and approachable. She is easy to talk to and a great listener. She is always there to help you and will  take time to be present in the moment with you.

She doesn't judge you and makes you feel comfortable.

She will go out of her way to check up on you and will always support you through anything.

I would recommend her to anyone.


Thankyou so much for the breathwork session!  It was so amazing, something I have never done before and I needed about 30 minutes to calm down after it.

But I did some drawing/journaling and wrote down all the things that I felt like I am not enough of and crossed them all out! I feel really good now!


Oh my god! I had a tummy ache last night and I thought I must have been bloated from food, but this morning I have just gone to the loo and I think I have started my period!  


Since working with Tash I've noticed major physical changes in how much healthier I am, being able to participate in exercise and sleep better. I am so much better mentally as well in my perspectives and my awareness of myself and my needs.


It's crazy I feel the best I've felt in ages coming up to my period! I don't feel angry or irritable like I usually would. I feel like a different person from last month!

I was horrendously anxious five days before my period & now I maybe have the odd day which is great considering life is difficult at the moment too. 

Tash has educated me in what vitamins my body needs and has also introduced me to more mindfulness activities like breathwork and meditation which I never would have done without her help. She has made me realise a lot about myself and where I want to be and has been really supportive throughout, talking things through with me and being a listening ear. 


I really enjoyed working with Tash! I would always look forward to our calls and catch ups, with such a relaxed environment where I felt safe to be able to discuss ideas. Tash is always helpful and friendly with all she does, with useful tasks and ideas that work to your own needs to grow and develop! 


Tash is such a lovely lovely girl. She has been so helpful to me and is really educated on what she does