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My Mission:

To support women to

regain their period so they

can embody a healthier

and more fulfilled life, with

perfect periods going


Symptoms are a surface manifestation of a deeper disturbance.


Hi, I'm Tash, a certified Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Breathwork Healer with Revelation Breathwork. I am also trained in CBT and NLP.

My story with hormonal health includes my journey with amenorrhea, when I decided to stop the contraceptive birth control pill... and then to my surprise didn't get my period! 

This nearly 2 year journey included numerous blood tests, examinations, MRI scan’s, tons of research, holistic alternative treatments, along with dealing with the emotional and mental struggle that amenorrhea brings.

This taught me tons about my body, the reproductive system, hormones and how important relationship with food and self love is, to name a few!

My mission now is to support women who are struggling to get their period back, particularly with HA (hypothalamic amenorrhea).

No one should have to go through the journey alone and with my 1:1 coaching program, which consists of my 10 signature steps, I can fully support your needs and give you the accountability you require to reach your goals.


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