1:1 Coaching



You need support, accountability, someone to take the stress off and provide guidance, so you can recover quickly and become the healthier version of yourself.

To wonder if you are even on the right path for


To wonder if you will ever get your period again?

To wonder how much weight you need to put on

to get your period back?

To wonder if it will be worth it..loosing your

active 'healthy' body?

To wonder if it is even that important to get

your period back anyway?

To wonder how comes thinner girls who go to

the gym all the time get a period, but you don't?

To wonder if you will have to eat this way









My 1:1 coaching program brings you tailored and specific coaching according to your goal and needs. My practice involves taking a holistic view of what is really going on and getting to the root cause.


-Mind, Body & Spirit


Taking you from no periods, always cold, poor relationship with food, movement and your body


Regular ovulatory cycles, improved body temperature, sex drive, improved relationship with food, movement and your body

  • Two 45 minute 1:1 appointments each month virtually (time frame is dependent on what we feel is best for you), with a written report after each session.

  • Video check-ins/voice notes between sessions

  • Instant message support. You can message me at any time of the day and I will get back to you within 48 hours, but likely within a couple of hours. I’m not just your coach for the video calls, I am your coach 24/7 throughout the program.  Message me about anything! I want you to feel connected and know you are not alone!​

  • Breathwork (optional but included and very powerful!)

  • HA food inspo booklet and Tracking Ovulation booklet

  • Meditations

  • Food diary review


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 I am a trained Breathwork Healer and offer breathwork sessions as part of my program, which is optional, and is included within the price.

For me, breathwork was that extra piece of the puzzle to get my hormones back on track in an energetic sense. It helped me unblock stagnant energy within my sacral area, which is linked to our reproductive system and become more in tune with my body, along with stress relief.

Breathwork can help you too!  


  • Reduces stress, anxiety, depression

  • Reduces toxins

  • Energetic release of blockages in the body

  • Boosts immune system

  • Improves digestion

  • Heals trauma

  • Mental clarity

You don't have a period, so I'm guessing you are stressed in some way right - physically or mentally? 

This helps balance cortisol levels and provides a huge stress relief.



You feel like you have done 'all the things' to get your period back, but still no period?

I've been there and that's when I introduced breathwork to my life, as sometimes the problem can be on a deeper level. Sometimes we hold stagnant stuck energy in our body and particuarly in the womb area. 
The light-bulb moment for me knowing I needed to learn how to facilitate Breathwork and use it within my practice, was when I had intense swirling sensations in my stomach area during a session...and then 5 days later, came on my first recovery period. No joke. I physically felt an energetic release around my stomach/sacral area, which I believe was a piece of the puzzle for my period recovery.




Thankyou for the breathwork session yesterday. You have such a calming and grounding presence and I felt like I was truly capable of relaxing during the session.

I loved that you drew a card for me beforehand, because that was exactly what I needed to hear.

I was able to release so much energy and tune back into my body at the same time.

I can't wait to do it again!


Your breathwork and meditations were an added bonus and I always looked forward to them!


Thankyou so much for the breathwork session. It was amazing, something I have never experienced before and I needed about 30 minutes after to calm down. But I did some drawing/journaling and wrote down all the things that I felt like I am not enough of and crossed them all out! Feeling really good now!

I feel like a different person!



Is there a payment plan?


Yes! The price can be broken down into monthly payments.

What exactly happens in each session?


I like to think of my program as an onion! (Stick with me here...!)

I like to work on different aspects for a certain number of sessions, before moving onto another. This way we can work together to slowly peel back each layer of healing and work specifically on one area at a time so it is more manageable and achievable.  

During each session, I will provide you with the keys for hormonal balance depending on your circumstances, along with coaching you on all aspects of your life that contribute to your overall health and wellness. 

Together we will arrive at the end of each session with a few recommendations to implement during the time between our sessions, ensuring that the recommendations feel obtainable to you. 

You will then receive an email summary after each call, along with a video of me speaking to you to catch up in-between our session.

What happens in the free discovery call?

The discovery call is all about us both assessing if we would be good to work together and for me to delve deeper into your hormonal struggles so I know exactly how best to serve you. 

I will be keen to know what you have tried in the past, along with your main goals. 

This is a no-obligation call, so you don't have to decide anything on the call! 

Why would this coaching program benefit me?

As your coach, I fully support you with your healing with a non-judgemental approach. We celebrate everything, no matter how small! 

I hold you accountable...so when you say you are going to implement 'this' and remove 'that' from your life...you are far more likely to stick to it as I hold you accountable! But don't worry, if things don't go to plan, thats fine! We just need to discover the reasons for this and it's an opportunity to delve into this. 

Is this for me?

This program is for you if you feel stuck and want to regain your period back faster with support, guidance and a holistic approach. If you are willing to make tweaks and getting your period back is important to you, then this is for you and the healing you need and deserve.

Perhaps I can do this on my own?

Of course. But will my guidance, support, knowledge and accountability get you there sooner?  You bet!

Having someone to talk to, report back to and gain insight from will definitely give you the best and quickest chance of recovery.

Working as a team we will heal you on a physical level (moving towards health with physical tweaks), mental level (shifting your mindset around your body, food, confidence and exercise) and on an energetic level (unblocking stagnant energy in the body).

I'm nervous! I've never invested in myself before!

What's more important than investing in your health and well being?

I'm not sure if it's the right time for me?

The sooner you get your period back on track, the sooner you can enjoy your fertile and healthy body.



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